Are you looking for stylish and sustainable kitchen storage solutions? Look no further! Our kitchen storage products combine fashion and innovation with form and function, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen. With our products, you can rest assured knowing you are making an eco-friendly choice that will last for years to come. Upgrade your kitchen today with our fashionable and sustainable kitchen storage solutions!

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With a range of sizes and styles, you can find the perfect solution to store all your kitchen essentials. Keep your kitchen neat and tidy with Typhoon Kitchen Containers!

Living Green Storage

Living Grey Storage

Otto Storage

Monochrome Storage

Living Grey Herb Planter

Otto Herb Planter

Pure Colour Changing Bottle

Pure Colour Changing Kids Bottle

Kilner jars and bottles are the perfect way to store and preserve your food. With their airtight seal and classic design, these jars and bottles will be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you are preserving jams and jellies, pickling vegetables, or storing leftovers, Kilner jars and bottles will keep your food fresher for longer.

Clip Top Square Jar

Clip Top Spice Jar

Clip Top Bottle

Drinks Dispenser

Maximize the freshness and flavor of your spices with Muluthange air sealed Ceramic jars. These exceptional storage solutions ensure that your precious seasonings remain at their peak quality for longer periods. Say goodbye to dull flavors and hello to vibrant dishes every time you reach for your spices.

Ceramic Sugar Jar

Ceramic Tea Jar

Ceramic Pepper Jar

Ceramic Mustard Jar

Glasslock break resistant storage is the perfect way to store and protect your food. Their air and liquid tight containers are made from durable, BPA-free materials and feature a unique snap-lock lid for added security. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, you can find the perfect storage solution for all your food needs.

Ring Taper type Rectangle Container

Classic Rectangle Container

Ring Taper type Square Container

Classic Square Container

Ring Taper type Round Container

Classic Round Container

Lunch Bag

Shaker type Container