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Crystal vs Glass
What Is Glass?

Glass is a transparent material that can be melted down and molded into solid shapes. It is made from sand, soda ash, and limestone, but other minerals like silica and barium can be added to manipulate its color, durability, and thickness.

Glass with a low mineral count is non-porous, which makes glass dishwasher safe and heat-resistant. Some popular types of glass used in public settings are borosilicate glass, commonly used for glass food storage containers, and fuzed quartz glass used for lab equipment. Brands to look for include Luigi Bormioli and Stölzle Lausitz.

What Is Crystal?

Crystal glass is a transparent material made with the same ingredients as glass, but with added lead-oxide or metal-oxide. The additional ingredients make the crystal retain its integrity even when cut or blown. The added ingredients in crystal glass makes the material slightly porous, giving it the ability to refract light brilliantly. However, this also means that the material is not dishwasher safe.

Crystal is produced by companies around the globe and can be made with varying levels of lead-oxide. Unlike the name suggests, crystal glass does not actually contain a crystalline structure in its material compound. The name is derived from the Italian term “Cristallo”, which was used for high-end hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. Its association with sophistication makes crystal desirable and higher in price than glass. Brands to look for include Nachtmann and Bohemia Crystal.

What is Lead-free Glass?

The so-called “lead-free crystal” is essentially fine glass without the lead content. On this occasion lead is substituted with another ingredient, for instance, zinc, barium and potassium to allow the piece being heavy, transparent and possible to be hand cut or engraved. Brands to look for include Nude Glass.


Drinkware types

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